Volunteering in Philadelphia: Devree Molnar-Kovoor AB'07

Programming Committee

Our first featured volunteer is Devree Molnar-Kovoor AB'07. 
What's your U of C story?  
I was at the U of C from 2003 to 2007 for undergraduate, majoring in Philosophy and minoring in French.  

What are your favorite memories of Chicago?
My favorite memory is meeting my husband!

How do you keep involved with the university? 
Volunteering to interview Metcalf intern candidates and potential students. Hoping to get more involved with our Philly group of alumni. Perusing the website from time to time to stay up to date on professor gossip!  And of course, staying in contact with old U of C friends.

What do you like about the U of C Alumni group in Philly?  
The camaraderie of carrying forward the shared U of C, one-of-a-kind culture.
Devree hosted a social impact event on 4/22/2014 at Philabundance.  
"It was great to meet such a diverse group of UChicago alumni! While packaging meat at Philabundance, I talked to UChicagoans who are now engaged in a wide variety of fields--from commercial real estate law to teaching high school math to working on big data in healthcare at Penn. The smartest group of meat packers I've hung out with in a while! Not sure whether to credit their brain or their brawn, but we packed nearly 5,000 pounds of meat for people in need in just a couple hours. What a great feeling. Thanks UChicagoans!"
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