Create a Jeff Metcalf Internship in Finance here in Philadelphia

The internships are funded -- we just need you!

The University of Chicago is deeply committed to ensuring that students from every background, regardless of financial need, can find a home here. The No Barriers Initiativeallows UChicago students to graduate debt-free and prepared for lifelong success—no matter their chosen major or background prior to enrolling in college.


Beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year, the University of Chicago has teamed up with leading employers throughout the United States and around the world to create meaningful career opportunities for a dynamic pool of new talent. UChicago’s Jeff Metcalf Internship Program and its employer partners are offering guaranteed internships and research opportunities for all first-year undergraduates receiving the University’s Odyssey Scholarshipa scholarship for low and middle-income students. The University of Chicago invites you to host one or more of these summer internships and become an Odyssey Employerwhich could positively impact your organization for years to come.


We would love to connect with University of Chicago alumni in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and see if you are open to considering an undergraduate intern who is funded for a Summer 2017 internship through this exciting new initiative. For example, we have one Odyssey Scholar, James Christenson, from Philadelphia who is highly interested in internship positions in finance, accounting, and quantitative work. We believe partnering with alumni is an excellent way to connect our talented students with the meaningful experiences they are seeking. 


We value your engagement with the university, and we would be delighted to establish an internship opportunity for an Odyssey Scholar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you have any questions about becoming an Odyssey Employer, please feel free to contact Cristina Rodriguez, Director of Odyssey and Special Initiatives at the University of Chicago, at 773-702-7042 or by email at


Thank you again for your support and partnership. We look forward to hearing from you.