UChicago Connect: Online Industry Networking

Live, real-time, 15-minute networking chats with fellow alumni.

Join fellow alumni representing a variety of industries for live,
15-minute networking chats

May 21, 2019 from 12-1pm CST.

Exclusively for UChicago Alumni.
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What to Expect:

industry-networking--1-Our online, cloud-based platform makes it easy and fun for you to participate.  
Through UChicagoConnect, participants engage in free, 15-minute, text-based online chats with fellow alumni. Participants select which booth they would like to enter and engage fellow alumni in one-on-one networking chats.
Possible topics to discuss during your chats, include:
  • How did you get into your current field of work?
  • What type of education or training have you received?
  • What are the future prospects in this field? What trends do you see developing?
  • What do you enjoy most/least about your current work?
  • What advice have you found most valuable in your career?
The chats are text-based and timed, allowing you to quickly meet new people, exchange contact information, and walk away with several new connections you didn't have before. Each chat is saved, making it simple to look back at your history, review your notes, gather contact information and follow up.

Grab your computer, tablet, or smartphone and join us!

What attendees enjoy about the platform:

The event was extremely helpful- I went into the peer-to-peer chatroom and had some great conversations. I hope that there are more virtual events like this- it was really helpful in my career search, and is easy to work into my existing schedule


UChicago Connect Live Chat Event

Date: Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 at 12PM CST

Cost: Complimentary

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Location: Online











Event Contact

Adam Sylvain
Assistant Director, Career Development
UChicago Alumni Association Contact