Using Professional Communication to Achieve Your Career Goals


Do you ever worry that you aren't able to get your point across the way you want to? Do you stress over how people you work with perceive you as a professional? Join us for this webinar crash course on professional communication.

professional-communicationEffective communication with your employees, co-workers, and manager, as well as your clients or customers, can make or break your professional success. How you come across non-verbally and verbally, is the first impression you make with a professional connection, and the lasting impression you develop with them as you continue to work together. Communication impacts every area of our professional lives and is the cornerstone to building trusting relationships with others, managing our time effectively, and accomplishing our professional goals.

With our predisposition to instant gratification, and the use of virtual communication these days, basic professional communications skills can fall by the wayside and hinder our ability to be effective in our careers.
This webinar will help you to:
  • Understand the importance of professional communication through any method (email, phone, or in person)
  • Enhance your performance
  • Manage your brand
  • Communicate effectively with co-workers, managers, and client

   About the Presenter: 

hallie-crawford-headshotHallie Crawford is a certified career coach and national career expert based in Atlanta, GA. Her company,, and team of coaches have helped thousands of people worldwide identify and transition into their dream career, effectively navigate their job search, and enhance their performance at work. Hallie is regularly featured as a career expert in the media including US News,, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Fox Business News. For more information about their services visit





Date: Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 12pm (Central)


Cost: Complimentary

Location: Online 

Note: This webinar will be recorded




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Hannah Zwick
Assistant Director, Career Development
UChicago Alumni Career Programs