Frequently Asked Questions...

What is is the new website for the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Philadelphia. It’s a way for alumni and friends to connect and stay involved with the university. It has information about upcoming local events, profiles of local volunteers, and University of Chicago-related resources.


How can I get involved? Come attend an event or sign up for the newsletter. If you want to help out behind the scenes, get in touch with the club leadership. We’re always looking for willing volunteers!


How do I stay informed? You can register on the homepage, sign up for the local newsletter, and “like" us on our Facebook page.


How do I attend events? Check out our events page. Some events require pre-registration, others are more informal.


Can I propose events? Yes! You can submit ideas for events here. Once your event has been submitted, someone from the club will be in touch with you.


How does the Club structure itself and its board? You can find our bylaws here, and the alumni club handbook here. Additional guidelines for event planning can be found here, or at


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact the alumni club president Sean Duffy, or University of Chicago Alumni Staff Liaison Mari Meyer