Club Board Members

Rahul Dandora MS'00 (Member-at-Large; Programming Committee) Rahul is a native of the Philadelphia region, having grown up in the suburbs of Bucks County and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. After getting his MS in Computer Science at Chicago, he worked in consulting in Manhattan and thereafter was involved with and owned two manufacturing businesses, one in New York State and the other in Connecticut. He also earned an MBA from Columbia. He is excited to spend more time in his native Philly and experience all that the city has to offer. 


Sean Duffy AB'99 AM'02 PhD'03 (President) Sean studied psychology at Chicago and after a postdoctoral appointment at Michigan joined the faculty at Rutgers University - Camden, where he now teaches and conducts research. He enjoys life in South Philadelphia, but also likes getting out of the city via bicycle.


Bruce Hirsch SB’66  (Member-at-Large; Programming Committee) Born and raised in the city of Chicago, he stayed for his undergraduate education at the University. He then moved to Philadelphia for graduate school where fate, in the form of a young woman, induced him to stay. Currently he is an associate professor at Drexel University, teaching anatomy to medical students and artists. 


Erika Kawamura AB'02 (Member-at-Large; Career Committee) Erika majored in psychology at Chicago and moved to the Philadelphia suburbs to attend graduate school at Widener University, where she received dual degrees in Doctor of Psychology and Master of Science in Human Resource and Organizational Leadership. She currently works as a psychologist. Originally from Long Island, she will always consider New York her "home," but she has found herself comfortably settled in the Philadelphia area.


Malou Innocent Koch AM'06 (Secretary) Malou Innocent is a recent arrival to the Philadelphia area. She is also an Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. She received her MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago, and dual BA degrees in Political Science and Mass Communications from the University of California, Berkeley.


Rebecca Li-Huang MBA '98 (Vice President) Rebecca moved to Philadelphia in 2005 and served as president of the Chicago Booth Alumni Club here until 2010. She recently left the corporate world (15+ years in financial services and 5 years in technology) to write and publish a memoir, Green Apple Red Book, which includes a chapther on her "Free Lunches" at UChicago. Originally from China, Rebecca studied at the University of Science and Technology there; she also holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue. Currently she juggles two full-time non-profit jobs: stay-at-home parent and writer. She reads, runs, and attempts to play golf.


Amy Martin AB’09 (Member-at-Large: Programming Committee) At Chicago, Amy studied English and Art History. She was also a designer for the Chicago Maroon, worked for the University of Chicago Press, and started a successful summer kickball league. In 2012, she moved to Philly and began working as a graphic designer at American Lawyer Media. 


Devree Molnar-Kovoor AB'07 (Programming Committee) Originally from Milwaukee, Devree relocated to Philadelphia in 2012 and serves as AVP, Oncology Patient Services at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. In May, she will graduate with her Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins. She and her husband (whom she met at Burton-Judson in freshman year!) recently welcomed their first child.


Catherine Norris AB'97 AM'01 PhD'04 (Member-at-Large; Programming Committee) After earning three degrees in Psychology at Chicago, Cat's journey included a post-doctoral position at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a faculty position at Dartmouth College, until she finally landed at Swarthmore College. In addition to teaching and her research in social neuroscience, Cat is loving Philly, enjoys trying new restaurants, and is always looking for a (patient) tennis partner.


Jayden Sampson AB’89 (Career Chair) Jayden moved to Philadelphia to practice law in 1992, and never left.  He has worked as a lawyer, as a high-school history teacher, and as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Today he works in the financial services industry. He has remade himself many times in pursuit of personal growth and career achievement. He sees his volunteer role on the Careers Committee and as Career Day Chair as a way to leverage his career wisdom and agility and help other alumni with their own career transitions. In his spare time, he enjoys spin class, bike tours, science fiction, movies, great conversation and good food.


Katie Skeen AB’91 AM’02 PhD’03 (Communications Chair) With a fistful of English degrees, Katie arrived in the Philadelphia area in 2006 and started volunteering with the Alumni Club in 2009. She gets really happy when alumni who attended Chicago in the 80s and 90s come to club events. She edits academic and corporate prose, making the world a better place.


Craig Unterseher MBA '09 (Member-at-Large; Career Committee) Craig is an executive management consultant who focuses on strategy and corporate development in the financial services industry. He moved to the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia in 2014 after trying out Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, and New York. Craig previously served on the alumni club board in Chicago from 2009 to 2011. In his free time, Craig enjoys working on his house and tinkering on motorcycles.


Eric Wong AB’10 (Programming Committee) While working toward a degree in Physics at Chicago, Eric was actively involved in several RSOs, including the Chicago Justice Initiative (CJI). After graduating, he moved to Philadelphia to start his doctoral work in Physics at the University of Pennsylvania. When not banging his head against the laws of nature in lab, Eric plays rugby for a local Philadelphia team, travels as much as possible, and attempts to play music (poorly) with friends.